Benedictine Vows

“If after due reflection he promises to observe everything and to obey every command given him, let him then be received into the community” (Rule of Saint Benedict, Chapter 58).

After completing a year of novitiate, and three years of the Juniorate, the man is consecrated to God through his profession of the three Benedictine Vows: Obedience, Conversion of Life and Stability.

By the Vow of Obedience, the monk strives to hear and obey the Will of God perceived through the loving discernment of an Abbot. Self-emptying obedience such as this is liberating and enables the monk to cast aside any doubts and fears.

By the Vow of Conversion of Life, the monk promises a life of constant conversion, taking up his Cross each day, dying to self in his loving service to God and others.

And by the Vow of Stability, the monk seeks to live the monastic life in the context of a specific community (St. Vincent Archabbey), mutually supporting his confreres through his work and prayer.