Three Phases of Discernment

PHASE 1: Complete the Guidance Summary Form and Make First Visit

Those who wish to discern a religious vocation at Saint Vincent Archabbey begin by completing the guidance summary form found  here. This short questionnaire provides the Vocation Director with basic background information that will enable him to invite the inquirer to visit the monastery as a vocation guest, to “Come & See.”

PHASE 2: Vocation Visits and Retreats

Once invited to the monastery as a vocation guest, the individual will spend a couple of days living in the monastery, praying, working and recreating with the monastic community. Not only will the individual get to know the community but the monks will also get to know the individual and discern whether he is truly called to live in this Monastery. The “Come & See” retreats offered in the Fall and Spring are also valuable opportunities for discerning a Vocation to religious life.

PHASE 3: Application Process

After much prayer, consultation with a Spiritual Director, and multiple visits to the monastery, the individual may apply for either the Postulancy or the year of Novitiate. In order to be approved, however, the candidate will first interview with the superiors of the monastery. Following these interviews, he will then be required to take the necessary psychological evaluations as well as acquire multiple letters of recommendation from family, friends, pastors, and professional relationships. Pending these requirements, as well as legal and background checks, psychological and medical evaluations, the Vocation Director will present the candidate to the Monastic Chapter for approval.